How to Care for a Fur Coat

Knowing how to properly care for a fur coat will keep the coat beautiful for many years to come. Fur coats need to be stored properly when not in use to avoid damage. Allowing a fur coat to remain damp after it gets wet will ruin it for life. Staining a fur coat does not have to be a disaster. In a few easy steps you can care for your fur coat and easily maintain its beauty for years to come.

Things You’ll Need

Fur Coat 
Large Heavy Duty Padded Hanger
Large Cotton Bag
Clean White Cotton Towel

Storing a Fur Coat

No. 1 - Hang the fur coat on a padded hanger.

No. 2 - Put the coat into a large pure cotton bag, securing the bag tightly just under the hook of the hanger.

No. 3 - Hang in a dark cool closet. 

No. 4 - Remove the coat from the bag every 3 months and shake it out.

No. 5 - Place it back in the bag and return to closet.

Drying a Fur Coat That Has Been Used in the Rain or the Snow

No. 1 - Hang the fur coat on a padded hanger. 

No. 2 - Blot the wet coat gently with a clean white cotton towel. 

No. 3 - Hang the coat in a warm dry place away from direct heat or sunlight. 

No. 4 - Shake the coat out when dry and store as usual.

Cleaning a Spill on a Fur Coat

No 1. - Hang the fur coat on a padded hanger. 

No. 2 - Blot the spill gently with a clean dry white cotton towel. 

No. 3 - Take the coat to a professional cleaner which specializes in the care of furs as soon as possible. 

Tips & Warning

During the summer months, its best to have your fur professionally stored in cold storage.

Never store a fur coat in plastic.