Altar Powders + Ritual Guide


Altar Powders + Ritual Guide


7 Energetically Charged Alter Powders (Powdered Incense) for each day of the week + Ritual Guide to clarify + harness focus. Read the blog post. 

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Our days of the week were derived from Latin, which gave astrological assignment according to the ancient order of the planets: Monday (Moon), Wednesday (Mercury), Friday (Venus), Sunday (Sun), Tuesday (Mars), Thursday (Jupiter), and Saturday (Saturn).

Each day was believed to have sacred characteristics, based on the God, planet or astral body it was named after. Huntress Alter Powders are ceremonially infused with the color, energy + attributes of each day. Burning them unlocks that specific power to fuel your focus as you sit in prayer, meditation or daily morning ritual. 

RITUAL: The first step to this powerful ritual is to gain clarity + harness focus. Upon receiving your set, use the included Ritual Guide to set personal intentions in various areas of your life based on each days powers. 

Using words and images, you'll clarify what you want to create, and spend a moment visualizing your ideal end result. 

This is a powerful way to imprint your minds eye, which engages the universal laws around you to accommodate the vision you set forth.

Since these are not purely fragrant incense, they are also energetic, always plan to burn in a well ventilated area. You may also opt to follow the incense with our sacred Palo Santo to sweeten the air, energy and your space with it's holy grounding goodness. 

What's in the box: 
7 jars of powdered incense
7 ritual guide sheets
1 stone to burn the incense on
1 palo santo wood incense

The stone is included as an option, however you may choose to use any type of powdered incense burner, or a small alter cauldron, or the like. 

CAUTION: always burn away from flammable objects, in a safe area, free from danger. Use this product at your own risk. You assume all responsibility for the safety precautions taken when using an open flame. 



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