Monthly Mentoring


Monthly Mentoring


Ongoing Monthly Mentoring Support is the way to guarantee you transition to the next level in all areas of life that are important to you.


Session Log
10 minutes prior to each session, you will log notes, success, discoveries, track where you are emotionally, mentally and gaining focus for the days session, via our shared Session Log google doc. For 10 minutes post session you will make notes on this session, what you are realizing, changing, growing.

Routine + Accountability
Drawing from your personal tools list, we establish a daily and weekly routine that is both supportive of you, and one that you can commit to. Your routine may include…
- daily needs checklist
- morning pages
- exercise
- meditation
- self awareness log
- breathing exercises
- physical exercise

Weekly Sessions
One per week (unless otherwise requested)
60 - 90 minutes, 120 minutes when needed for extended NLP work
Plus 20 minutes on your own split before/after session

Self Care Training + Monitoring
Specifically chosen for you, this is a continuous stream of guidance, tools, videos, study assignments, writing exercises and more sent your way. Each successive exercise will be sent your way upon completion of the current exercise.

How it works: Everything sent your way is logged via a shared document, and has a request date/time to be completed by. Upon completion of one assignment, the next will be sent your way. You will not receive the next one until the one at hand is complete, or until you have expressed sufficiently why you are opting out of any particular exercise. Staying in regular contact and being held accountable for daily work promotes presence and deepens your relationship with your self, and creates the greatest shifts. How often you do the work, and how much gets done all depends on you, so this is the moment to step up, shift your life in a way that you are front and center (as much as possible).

This portion of the program instills ‘extreme self care’ for the duration of our mentoring, which is the way to create deep pattern shifts. Going forward you will have this ‘intensive’ time as a new base to refer to, by getting into the habit of staying with and aware of yourself at all times.

TIME COMMITMENT: On average, alongside our sessions, expect to complete an additional 2-4 exercises per week, on your own time, spending :30 min to 1 hour at a time. Once in the process, you will discern what works for you, and how much you want to and can take on, and process daily and weekly. Some weeks you may do 1, some weeks you may do 5. You guide your own flow, and I send as much as you can receive, upon completion of the prior lesson. 5 days a week max, weekends excluded.
Email at any times with any questions. | 917.674.4063


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