4 Week Relationship Evaluation + Shift


4 Week Relationship Evaluation + Shift


Personal Mentorship is life changing. Consider these 4 weeks a customized life altering retreat for you and your loved one to experience in the comfort of your own home. Congratulations on choosing this for your self and your relationship.  

This includes New Client Intake, Self + Life Evaluation, Relationship Questionnaire for each individual, Guided Meditation Exercises and nutritional + self care guidance when needed.

You will have daily self reflection and meditation responsibilities, as well as exercise and nutritional guidance. For less than $150/week each, you will be giving your selves and your relationship the best case scenario to release blockages, and shift into a new loving, productive and supportive dynamic that lasts. 

Weeks 1 & 3: private individual calls (40 minutes each) 
Weeks 2 & 4: joint calls (90-120 minutes)
* The above format is suggested as a guideline, yet is flexible for couples who have comfort preferences, or input on effective ways of working together that they have established or wish to try. 

Looking forward to working with you two. 
Email at any times with any questions.
TancieTrail@me.com | 917.674.4063


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