1 Session

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1 Session

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This is for a One 60 minute Session:
Area of Life Evaluation + Shift
To be completed by 3/1/17

If you are new to mentorship, one session will give you an idea of how it works, you will receive the benefits of focusing on and having a breakthrough in at least one major area of your choice. If you choose to continue, we can discuss the best options for you at the end of our session. If you choose to upgrade, your One Session Purchase will be applied to your 5 Sessions

Personal Mentorship is life changing. Every life is sacred. If you are not experiencing life on your highest terms, working with a mentor is a positive step toward living the life you want. 

During the evaluation + shift, we look carefully + thoroughly at you, your life, your internal dialogue or language (mindset) and your desires, to appraise your current strategies, internal and external, and to discover and extract any "programming" that is preventing you from the life you want.

An example of things we are looking to discover and evolve: 
• unproductive core beliefs, old programming
• limiting language, lack of vision, lack of follow through, fear
• destructive or sabotaging patterns + behaviors

Tancie Trail is a certified NLP practitioner, which is the basis of her mentorship work.

She has worked one-on-one with individuals since 2002, strictly word of mouth. Her clients include hi-level creatives, entrepreneurs, entertainment industry professionals, lawyers, moms, executives and more.

Yoga (since 1994) and meditation (since 2002) are the cornerstones to her guided advice, and add a deep sacred nature to the therapeutic NLP process that she offers. She is a practitioner of
Mindfulness Meditation, TM (transcendental meditation), and has completed the Energy Healing Modalities Certification at the So Cal Psychic Institute, as well as offers custom Flower Essence Constellations.

Congratulations on choosing this for yourself. We will be in touch shortly after checkout to schedule your session (s). 

I look forward to working with you.

Respectfully, Tancie 

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