"the ability to FOCUS is directly related to the FIND." huntress

"the ability to FOCUS is directly related to the FIND." huntress

an inspired wøman

LIVING mastery of føcus

she whø is wild + wise

behind the arrøw


H U N T R E S S is a curated specialty shop that captures and celebrates the mystical urban woman who navigates the world driven by sacred intuition. Valuing heritage and origin, HUNTRESS stocks a private collection of vintage, rare, one of a kind goods, locally made fashion labels, jewelry, objects, art +  a mod hoodoo apothecary of energy goods under our own label. Ranging at once from 'heritage + classic' in feel to 'cabinet of curiosities', our magical potions await you in the shoppe, at our popups + in our ever present apothecary.

The feeling of the shop ebbs and flows, is eclectic, all the while honoring a hand-chosen life aesthetic. The store offerings are few and focused, insisting on slowing down, indulging in silence, magik + QUALITY.

∆ personal note from our founder ∆ 

HUNTRESS is a modern woman guided by ancient source wisdom moment to moment. In touch with her deepest essence - nature - desires - HUNTRESS is about navigating life through intuition - inspiration - focus so she can EMBØDY full - wild - unencumbered - curious intention - expansion everyday. HUNTRESS lives a hand chosen life - selecting every person - place - thing she surrounds herself with - insisting on the best most HIGH - what ever that means to her...  -Tance


indulge in people
things + vibes yøu desire
practice daily rituals with presence + soul
be busy being sacred
know what you want
focus only: ON: that
be fierce - precise unapologetic  
then allow: live now

For the thrill of the hunt + the pleasure of the find